Monday, May 14, 2007

The Big 100, Letters of Support

Congratulations! At 1:43 PST our web form delivered its 100th email to the Regents. There have been over 32 letters of support to the strikers as well. Here are some snippets...

"I am so proud to know this collection of people who are putting their bodies on the line. This is a momentous step. This is history."

"I have recently been diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid. It is a disease with the only known cause being radiation exposure...The Regents must end their involvement in the wanton development of these dangerous weapons. Even if they are never used, the weapons are killing people by environmental poisoning."

"I saw the online news about your hungerstriking. I was very much impressed that you act so sincerely and powerfully for nucear abolition. I live close to Hiroshima and work there with Hibakusha people. We all have the same goal. We are proud of you."

"As your spirits soar with joy, as they join with truth and beauty, be sure to put your light under a barrel as you want your oppressors to see suffering. Show them the suffering that war and killing and domination brings. Save the light for the future. What you are doing will change you forever. You are visiting an island of purity and abiding love which will live in your hearts forever.

When I fasted, a friend sent me this quotation which I have never forgotten ~ Apache Chief Magnus Colorado said, “Only people with empty heads feast while their hearts are heavy with grief.”"

"On behalf of the French NGO "Action of Citizens for the total Dismantling of Nukes", I congratulate you for your courageous initiative. We support your action. We spread the information on it...In the name of ACDN, I wrote to the Regents."

"Frankly I am ashamed to be associated with the great CAL as an institution over this matter.
In fact I was disappointed that our daughter chose this unuversity for this reason.
How can FIAT LUX be the motto when we have the destructive darkness of continuing work with nuclear weaponry ?? University as an institution needs to make a change regarding this and inject ethics into the reasoning for this change.
You are the bridge to change and I salute that!"

"I just tpoke to the regents' secretary and learned that approx 100 people who are in solidarity with you will be speaking out on Thursday.
BRAVO For the light you are spreading!"

"I am writting from Mexico city.
Keep up the struggle, what you are doing is a lesson for everyone around the world.
Your courage is refreshing and confronting."

"I am a french girl and I would like to support you. Your act is mervellous and necessary. I will give your message to my friends.
I am also against civil and military nuclear. We have to do our best for a best future for the new generation and our life too!
Resist, it's create!
We are right and never give up because we are not alone! Good luck. In France (a nuclear country) I think at you."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your present courage and stamina. I am a mother,
grandmother, retired teacher (30 yrs) and then addictions counselor (20 yrs). I am grateful to have grown up in the spirit of Dorothy Day, Jesus, Ghandi, Loa Tse, Carl Rogers, Martin
Buber, Dan Berrigan and many other thinking persons - all of
whom must be smiling on you today, so very
proud of your example!

Lisander said...

More and more letters keep coming in. They are really amazing.