Wednesday, May 9, 2007


41. XLI. Forty-one strikers and fasters state-wide. I'm amazed. I'm ecstatic. We are beautiful and we are powerful. At the teach-in today kicking off the hunger strike for UCSC, I saw faces I hadn't seen in meetings for months or longer, others I'd seen at protests but never at meetings, and still a few more that I'd never seen before in my life. People are coming out of the woodwork (for a few, even literally... this is Santa Cruz) to support or join this action. People know that this is big, that this is going to accomplish something, and they're excited. It's making me learn not to doubt myself as an organizer and not to expect everything to fall on myself -- all an organizer needs to do is provide people with the information they need to care and the opportunity to get involved and allow for awesome things to happen. People have the information, and they care -- they're pissed off. And they have the opportunity, and goddamnit, they're involved.

Forty-one. Quarante-un. . . . . _ . _ _ .

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Unknown said...

Just a word to thank you for your witness and to ask that you let us know of any additional ways that we could be supportive.


Kathy Kelly
co-coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence