Thursday, May 10, 2007


Those who call for nuclear holocaust generally seem to be those who have the most at stake in terms of material and economic possessions. Why is it then, that they claim to want nuclear capabilities which will only lead to their own self destruction? Tell me Mr. Nuclear Weapons Scientist, who will be around to tell of your "great achievements" when all life has been extinguished on earth and only amoebas and micro-organisms are around to breathe the toxic air? The contradictions inherent in the rabid capitalist accumulation of our nation and its push for all-out nuclear war seem to underline the irrationality of the United States military and economic policies, as it roots for amassing the most power and surplus it can to feed our unsustainable war machine, while at the same time ensuring an unstable, bullying and offensive presence in the world that wil surely lead to another world war, likely with those nuclear weapons we claim to be necessary to US Homeland Secuirty.

These realizations only further my resolve to starve, starve, starve until the people begin to realize the insanity of their government's policies. Although I am very hungry, tired, and frustrated at the ignorance of the masses, I am fully conifdent we can persuade a large majority of people to rise up with us and demand a legitimate policy that encompasses ideas of direct democracy, diplomacy, peace, and mutual support.

I hope everyone everywhere who is involved in the action is doing well and know that I am sending my love and support to you all. Don't forget the power we have, let alone the historical instances when people have changed the course of the world. We are doing it as we speak.

Let us continue to stand up for life and help remind people that if they care about any of our lives, then they should ask themselves why they might not care about every human's life. Life is precious, and that preciousness is never taken away, even if you are a different color, nationality, political leaning, religious believer, or a peace activist. GO LIFE!

Love and peace,
Carleigh O'Donnell, UCSB striker


Anonymous said...

Who really calls for nuclear holocaust? You are trying so hard to make this an us vs. them fight. However, if you actually spoke one-on-one with Mr. Nuclear Scientist, you might learn more about why they do what they do. Most would probably be willing to provide a philosophical conversation on nuclear weapons if you asked.

I don't know anybody who likes nuclear weapons. However, they cannot be thrown out without a viable alternative to providing national security. In all the protests against nuclear weapons, I have yet to see a single alternative suggested to contain other nuclear powers and potential nuclear powers in the event that the U.S. dismantled its nuclear weapons program.

Can you offer one? Without an alternative, nothing can or will change.

Anonymous said...

"WAR is a racket. It always has been." ~ [Maj. General Smedley D. Butler, USMC ]

The only elements that threaten the national security of the U.S. are the war racketeers who profit from nuclear [and non-nuclear] weapons proliferation.

As for the philosophical conversation, here is one by "Mr. Nuclear Scientist," Freeman Dyson, on Hiroshima bombing:

"I agreed emphatically with Henry Stimson. Once we had got ourselves into the business of bombing cities, we might as well do the job competently and get it over with."

Anonymous said...

When the US disarms
the world disarms.

Anonymous said...

As I suspected. No alternatives offered.

And, no, if the US disarms, the world will not disarm. Have you ever met a Muslim extremist? Have you ever met someone who believes in ethnic cleansing? I have. They exist, they are frightening, and they will not disarm if the US disarms. They will only have more power.