Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thank You

Thank you to the hunger striker's for their commitment.
Thank you to the supporters for making it possible.
Thank you for all your letters, warm wishes and prayers for making it all worth it.

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Wind Walker said...

I come to you in the memory of Anna Mae, an Activist who was murdered for speaking out against uranium contamination of water on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the 70's. I live in Athens, OH and am currently part of a group of people trying to keep a uranium recycling plant from coming to Piketon, OH. I have Been telling everybody I can about your fight. Here's a phrase for thought that might make a great t-shirt

NUCLEAR - UC = NLEAR switch the N to the end and it spells LEARN.

The word is spreading. I found out about you guys from some one who knew there was a hunger strike going on in California but, did not know what University it was at, and did not know how many people were a part of it. As of last Saturday I found out How many were a part of the strike and that the the hunger strikers had pasted the one week mark. I have been telling people ever since. Many people I've talked to were shocked to hear of what was going on. Many said they would look it up and some even said what can we do to help. To every body I have said look it up and tell others (each one teach one. I also came up with a chant I have been saying.

44 in Cali
Fighting for whats right

44 in Cali
Going Hungry
Every night

44 in Cali
Have put their
Bodies on the line

Get the Nuke Labs Out of UC
Quit telling us Lies

Keep up the Good Fight, They can't Silence Us All. If protesters can kick Taco bell off of 14 campuses in support of Farm Workers (Who later won their fight) . We can kick Nuke Labs Out Of UC. Don't ever give up.

Sincerely your supporter,
Rev. Stephen (Wind Walker) Rounthwaite