Thursday, May 10, 2007

Press Roundup II

Here's a roundup of the latest articles and media about the hunger strike:

Students Go On Hunger Strike (UCSB Daily Nexus)
Hunger Strike Against Weapons (SF Chronicle)
Can Hunger Stop Nukes (City on a Hill Press - UCSC)
UCSB Students Threaten Hunger Strike (KSBY)


Chanda @ Disordered Cosmos said...

Please check out this link for more information about the work being done on "New Nukes":

This is an article from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

Yoga Mat Man said...

Great to learn of your efforts and see the campaign continues against UC and the nuke labs. I was one of the principal organizers of the UC Nuclear Weapons Labs Conversion Project, which you might know started in 1976 and continued into the 1980's. Your efforts will have an impact, as ours did, in ways that may not be clear at first. A million thanks for your sacrifices on behalf of us all.

Pancho said...

UC Davis join the love struggle!

Great dear brother Nick!!!

We are _so glad_ you are now part of the movement. In UCB we are fasting in support to the hunger-strikers in UCSB. Of course you can join us! All living beings must participate! It is about the survival of the magnificent biodiversity on this planet!

Gandhi said that the last resource to use is the hunger-strike (fulfillment of your petitions or die). Why? Because you are damaging your body, your organs, you are killing neurons, precious neurons that we will need to continue our struggle for global peace.

Where ignorance is your master there is no possibility of peace.

But if there is no humans around, everyone's cause is lost. That's why we are planning to escalate this protest, from fasting to a massive hunger strike if we don't hear positive response from the regents. For the moment, our energy and heart is with the UCSB hunger-strike siblings. We are replacing violence with self-sacrifice which transforms greed into love.

>Should we start a hunger strike as well even though we are a little behind?

Non violence = self purification. You are not behind.

I'll call it fasting (just liquids) until we all decide to take the next level of ahimsa. A hunger-strike is a real serious think. It is our most powerful weapon. The duty of young generations is to defend our planet with the weapons of knowledge.

>Can we assist you in some other way?

1) Spread the word! Write small, medium, big sings, like: Fasting for a UC nuke free! And all the power phrases I'm sure your creative group has.

2) Come to San Francisco next week. We are focusing for next Thursday and gather as much people as we can outside the regents meeting. Tonight we'll improve the general framework for Thursday. We need ARTivism, lots of ARTivism!!!

3) We are having a conference call this evening at 1900hrs. Join us! : ) Here is the number 800-561-4946, passcode 659180.

Email/talk to you soon brother Nick! : )

If you want to be a rebel, be kind. Human-kind, be both.


On May 12, 2007, at 10:12 AM, Nick Pakzad wrote:

My name is Nick Pakzad. I don't know if you are the right person to
email about this but I did not know where to start. I go to UC Davis.
This quarter me and two friends have hosted a three part workshop of UC's connection to nuclear weapons. We have been active in bringing
discussion and awareness to the cause, so I was frustrated when I read that your wonderful strike included only UCB, UCSB, and UCSC. I want to know how we can get involved. Should we start a hunger strike as well even though we are a little behind? Can we assist you in some other
way? I want UC Davis to be an equal part of this struggle. Let me know what we can do.