Friday, May 11, 2007

spread the love; stop the nukes

Hello All--
I'm heading up to Davis for the famed Whole Earth Festival this weekend. I am taking with me a message, a desire and and empty stomach. I'll be staying with my parents, so I will have support and care, but I will be thinking about my fellow strikers at home and our persistence! I will try to organize a few hardy souls who may also come down to the Regents meeting next Thursday.

In other news, I'm surprised how little I've felt my hunger. I have been consuming only liquids- v8 juice, lime/lemonade, teas, and water of course- yet only when I was surrounded by tasty treats or biking leisurely past Woodstock's pizza did I feel the twinge in my belly. I expect that will soon change. Perhaps this weekend I will find a new delicious beverage to enjoy in place of food.

Last night we had a great internal teach-in and I feel more hopeful than ever. My knowledge gives me strength. Whatever comes of this will only help our cause, whether it is our ultimate goal: the cessation of wars or if it is simply an unease permeating the Regents and their uninspiring, unlawful, undemocratic actions. Awareness is such an important step. The meeting last night was very important to me. Thank you to all who came and learned and shared.

Be strong,

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